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Over the last 10 years Johnny O has been developing his skills as a producer and engineer at his home studio in Louisville Colorado. Much of his time is spent working on his own original music but now he has branched out by working with other talented musicians. Every project is different , Johnny O has been producing , engineering, arranging , and in many cases playing various other instruments on these projects. Below are a few of the projects that have been produced at the Johnny O Home studio

 J. Wilton Jones ..

Johnny O. collaborated with the New Orleans native and country songwriter J Wilton Jones .  An  avid music enthusiast and budding songwriter Jones is planning to release his first collection of songs in 2017. Johnny O. arranged and produced as well as played most of the instruments. They also enlisted the expert skill of steel guitar player extraordinaire Kent Davis. These recordings represented Johnny O.’s first exploration into Country and Americana music.

Eight years


Winters lonely wind




The DB

Dwayne Burrell is one of Johnny O’s old friends from back in the 90s when they were both in the Boulder Colorado based band, Band du Jour . Dwayne is an accomplished soul singer and percussionist from Chicago. Johnny O and The DB have produced two full length CDs . The first one entitled, “This is the DB” featured a wide array of classic soul material. Second album, “The DB’s Conmosis” featured a few originals and some other classics.


Loves in need  (S.Wonder)


You and I (S.Wonder)
(A duet featuring the incomparable Sophie West)



Matt Stubbs

Johnny O and Matt went to high school together. Over the years Matt has been polishing his skills at songwriting. In 2016 the two of them collaborated on a collection of Matt’s originals.


Double trouble


Sweet harmony



Pat Black

Pat Black is a very talented, singer songwriter and guitarist. She has been taking lessons with Johnny O and is now working on her new album. Pat Black is back.



Same Mistake (J.Blunt)



Logan’s Song



Johnny O’s new stuff and pre-released material

 In this section you will find new material just produced. Some of the songs will be on the new soon to be released Johnny O album entitled “Studio Two”


Feel it in my bones


Little Voices


Instrumental one


Instrumental two (Santana)

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